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Lucknow Airport, Lucknow

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The Aeronautical Training lnstitute UP is approved under CAR 147(Basic) and carry out the following as permitted by DGCA and in accordance with approved maintenance training organization exposition:

  1. Basic training courses to the CAR-66 syllabus, or part thereof.

  2. The examinations on behalf of the DGCA (when permitted).

  3. The issue of certificates of Recognition following successful completion of the approved basic aircraft maintenance training courses and examination specified in sub paragraph (1) as applicable.

  4. Training, knowledge examinations' and practical assessments' will only be carried out at the locations identified in the approval certificate and/or at any locations specified in maintenance training organization exposition.

Course Structure

Class Rating Limitation
  • B1

B1.1       Aeroplanes Turbine

B1.3       Helicopters Turbine

  • B2
B2           Avionics

Scope of Work

  • To conduct Aircraft Maintenance Training course in Categories B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine, B2 Avionics and B1- 3 Helicopters Turbine as per CAR-66 and CAR-147(Basic).
  • To issue training course completion certificates (Certificate of Recognition).

Duration of Course

  • The Chart mentions a minimum duration of the course as per DGCA regulations and can be increased if the need arises' by justifying the requirements of theory and practical training While converting the hours in number of calendar days' by keeping human factor in account one day is accounted as 6 hrs Further as per the climatic and social requirements, training duration is divided in semester pattern in a month-wise schedule giving due attentlon to weekly working hours and non working days or holidays.

Minimum Duration of Basic Training Courses as per CAR-147 (Basic):

in Hrs
Theoretical Training
Ratio in %
B1.1 2400 50 to 60
B1.3 2400 50 to 60
B2 2400 50 to 60

Duration of Basic Training Courses Planned by lnstitute:

in Hrs
Ratio in %
     Allocation of Hrs
Theory                Practical
B1.1 2400 60 % 1440                 960
B1.3 2400 60 % 1440                 960
B2 2400 60 % 1440                 960

Course Fee

  • The fee for the course, as prescribed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh is a token amount of Rs. 12,670.00 annually, which includes the cost of boarding. The Training Organisation also owns two hostels one each for boys and girls. Thus, the Training Organisation is catering to the needs of under-privileged but meritorious class of society.


  • Consolidated syllabus for Basic knowledge Training for each category shall be based on module wise as per CAR 66 to cover each subject of modules.

Practical Training Details

  • The Aeronautical Training lnstitute, Government of U.P. is having own workshops at Lucknow Airport, Lucknow, for practical instruction appropriate to the planned Basic training course with hangar to accommodate their aeroplanes and helicopters. Beside this, The lnstitute is a part of Civil Aviation Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Airport, Lucknow which is approved as per CAR 145 to provide the facilities for practical training to students.

Training Facilities

  1. Classroom

    At present, the institute has nine class rooms well ventilated & spacious with seating arrangement and training aids such as OHP proiector for the students undergoing regular classes and examination. ln addition to this the institute has well furnished conference hall equipped with kyan projector (inbuilt interactivity, universal remote, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ceiling mount with VGA cable, 2-USB ports and portable DVD drive).

  2. Library

    The institute has a library having and ensuring reasonable access to copies of all CARs and other DGCA regulations examples of typical aircraft maintenance manuals and service bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, aircraft and component records, release documentation, procedures manuals and aircraft maintenance programme for approved basic maintenance training courses under controlled supervision.

    ln addition to the CARs and DGCA regulations, the institute is having documentation represent typical examples for both large and small aircraft and cover both aeroplane and helicopters as appropriate. Avionic documentation is also available to cover a representative range of available equipment.

    Beside this, a good collection of books in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Science and Mathematics etc are also available. ln addition to this, local and foreign aviation magazines, journals & news papers are also available for the use of students and lecturers.

    The library is equipped with the number of computers and printer with lnternet facility.

  3. Workshops

    To provide the practical training, the institute has the following workshops:

    1. Fitting and Carpentry Shop
    2. Machine Shop
    3. Welding Shop
    4. Engine Shop
    5. Airframe Shop
    6. Helicopter Shop
    7. Composite Shop
    8. Electrical Shop
    9. Instrument Shop
    10. Radio Shop
    11. Lead Acid Battrey Charging Shop
    12. Ni-Cd Battery Charging Shop
    13. Computer Shop

ln addition to above, the lnstitute is part of Civil Aviation Department UP, therefore we are having all the facilities for practical training as per CAR147(Basic).

Training Staff

The proper manpower resources are a must for running the organisation properly. Under the CAR.147(Basic),emphasisis that the man-power resources should be sufficient to manage the Basic training and examination.

The organization has sufficient and competent manpower to support the work being carried out under the terms of approval granted to the organization.

Sl No Name of Post No of Staff
01 Principal Lecturer 01
02 Chief Lecturer 01
03 Lecturer 08
04 Finance and Account Officer 01
05 Instructor 05
06 Clerical Staff 05
07 Electrician 01
08 Driver 01
09 Peon/Classroom/workshop Attendant etc 11
10 Sweeper 01
Total 35


Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Name of the Course Basic Traning Course
Duration of Course Two and half year
Intake 90 Candidates per year
(30 for (B1.1), 30 for (B2) and 30 for (B1.3)
Entry Qualification 10+2 with aggregate of 50% marks in
Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics subject
Age Limit Minimum 16 years
Mode of admission Through Joint Entrance Examination Council, UP
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